HyperParts FAQ

HyperParts ships a large quantity of orders of ATV parts and lawn mower parts across the country every day.  For the most part, you will encounter few problems, but in case you do, we offer this section to answer some of the most common questions.  If this list does not answer your question or solve your problem, please feel free to send an email to us at sales@hyperparts.com and we will respond as soon as possible or contact us via telephone at 866-858-4064 or 601-656-7945.
My items are not being added to my shopping cart and/or I cannot get to the checkout...  What's going on?
This site uses javascript for certain functions, such as adding items to the shopping cart, going through the checkout process, etc.  These functions will not work if javascript is disabled in your browser.  Enabling javascript does not compromise your security in any way on our site.
When will my order ship?
All orders will be shipped within approximately 24 hours, unless some of the items on your order are not in stock.  In that case, the order will be held until the items you have ordered are in stock, which is usually within 2 weeks.  If you prefer to have items in stock immediately shipped, you should select this option at the bottom of the Order Summary page.  In this case, any items that are not in stock at the time your order is processed will be removed from your order and you should reorder them at a later date.
How long will it take for my order to be delivered?
All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Philadelphia, MS, so all delivery times are calculated based on that point.

Once your order is shipped, if your order is being shipped via UPS Ground, you can refer to the map below for the estimated time of delivery.  This map is provided by UPS and is in no way a guarantee of delivery time.  Once your order leaves our facilities, it is entirely up to the carrier.

If your order is being delivered by USPS Priority Mail, the US Post Office estimates delivery time to be 2-3 days, but you can realistically expect up to a week for destinations far away from the southeast U.S.
What shipping charges can I expect on my order?
Shipping charges are calculated by the zone to which the order is shipping to and the weight of the package.

The shipping charge that shows on your order confirmation or order summary page is an estimate ONLY.  This estimated shipping charge may be higher or lower than the actual shipping charges, but should be relatively close.  Exceptions to this rule are items that are extremely heavy or oversized - such as tires, racks, body parts & oil products.  The shipping charges on these items can and will be much greater than the estimated charge.  The exact shipping charges will be emailed to you at the time of shipment of your order.

Shipments to areas other than the United States or Canada are not accepted at this time and will be cancelled.
What happens if an item I order is out of stock?
On the Order Summary page, you have the option to select what happens to out-of-stock items.  By default, your order will be held until it can be shipped complete.  If you prefer to have items in stock immediately shipped, you should select this option at the bottom of the Order Summary page.  In this case, any items that are not in stock at the time your order is processed will be removed from your order and you should reorder them at a later date.
What freight carrier will be used to ship my order?
FedEx will be used, by default, to ship all orders, except in cases where very small items with low dollar values are concerned or the shipping method is otherwise stated, such as with fenders and other oversized items.  In these cases, Priority Mail may be used to save freight costs.  If you would prefer to use USPS Priority Mail for shipment of your order, please indicate this wish on your order.  Please note:  Because of the extremely high cost of shipping fenders by UPS, ALL fenders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail, regardless of what shipping option is selected.
What happens if my shipment is lost by the carrier?
Once your order is handed to the carrier you have chosen to ship your order, it is the responsibility of the carrier to care for and deliver your order.  We have no control over what those carriers do to/with your package and are not responsible for anything that happens with them.  However, we will do whatever is in our power to work with the carriers to recover your package or get a reimbursement for your package.  If your order is shipped uninsured and is lost or damaged in transit, HyperParts will not cover the costs of replacing the shipment.

Insurance is available that can be purchased during the ordering process and we recommend you purchase this additional insurance when shipping expensive items or if your delivery area is prone to package damage or theft. Insurance is added to your order by default and is listed as an optional line item that can be removed if you desire.  Please note:  Insurance claims will only pay up to the value of the merchandise contained.
What happens if my shipment is stolen after delivery?
Once your order is delivered to the shipping address provided with your order, the responsibility of the order is transferred to you, the customer.  If your package is stolen after delivery, you should contact your local police department for instructions on how to proceed.  If you are worried about your order possibly being stolen if dropped off at your address, you should consider requiring a signature for delivery.  You can request this by adding a note in the Notes section of your order.  There is an additional charge for a signature required delivery and you should check with us before ordering for the current price.
Why can't I provide a P.O. box as my address for FedEx or UPS delivery?
FedEx and UPS both require a full street address to deliver packages.  They will not accept a P.O. box as an address and your order will be returned to us.
What countries do you ship to?
Currently, we ship orders to the United States and Canada only.
What do I do if I can't find the item I'm looking for?
HyperParts carries many atv parts and lawn mower parts - some of which may not be listed on this web site.  Any time you are searching for an item and cannot find it, simply drop us an email at sales@hyperparts.com and provide all information needed to locate the correct part (brand of equipment, model, year, etc.) and which item you are looking for.  We will respond to your email to let you know if it is available or not as soon as possible.
Will my contact information be sold to other sites?
No.  We do not share or sell our customer lists to other companies.  We feel that the information given to us by our customers is given under the understanding that it will be safeguarded to the fullest extent of our abilities.  See our privacy statement for further information on this topic.
Why is the price of the item I'm looking at showing up to be $0.00?
Some of the items on our website are new items that have been recently added and pricing has not yet been set.  This does not mean the item is free.  To get the price on an item that is not showing a price, you must contact us via telephone or email.  If you order an item with $0.00 for the pricing, the price of the item will be set on your order at the time of shipment and you will be notified in your shipment confirmation email of the exact total of your order.
Product-Specific FAQs:
What is the difference between your N2 (economy) branded brake shoes and pads and the Vesrah brake shoes and pads?
The Vesrah brake shoes and pads are high quality shoes and pads designed for harsh conditions or high use; they are equivalent to the shoes originally installed on your ATV.  The N2 (economy) brand shoes and pads are designed for every day use and are a more economically priced brand of shoes and pads.  If you are riding in extreme conditions or racing, the Vesrah brake shoes and pads are going to be a better choice for your situation, but if you are riding in normal day-to-day conditions, the N2 brake shoes and pads will do an equally good job for you and save you some money at the same time.
I ordered a front wheel bearing kit to fit a Honda, but when the kit arrived the description on my invoice states that it fits a Kawasaki.  Did I get the incorrect kit?
Many of the parts we sell, especially parts like bearings and seals, can fit many different applications.  The information we provide on our invoice is very limited by space available and we can only list a few of the available applications.  For a complete list of the applications, you must refer to the information available on our website.